About Koskosan

We are a team of housing experts dedicated to help you

All of our team members have been through this – coming from overseas and finding it difficult to find a homey place to live in Australia. We understand the troubles of finding the right accommodation that is why we are here to help you in searching your future home and always have your interests in mind.

Koskosan offers listings for all types of residential properties, share accommodation, long term accommodation and long term holiday rentals. One of our major features is providing you with the accommodation referral service.

Koskosan is the most searched housing platforms in the Indonesian community in Australia and we are not limited to that! Our team members are very multicultural with proficiency in English, Indonesian, Chinese (Mandarin) and Bahasa Malay. Thank you for your interest, we welcome your use and your support of the service and would like to hear from you if you have questions or suggestions.

And just in-case you are wondering – The word ‘Koskosan’ comes from Indonesian slang. It was originated from the word ‘in-de-kost’ which means temporary stay.

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